A - Z Ridley Road Market, 2011 - 2012

Research, guided tours and an e-guide to one of the best open markets in London - Ridley Road Market, Dalston.

In the spring of 2011 I undertook a 26 day long research project at Ridley Road market in East London). Each day was dedicated to a different letter of the alphabet and I have explored the market through this systematic approach. During this time I met the traders, their regular clients and temporarily became a part of the market's social fabric.
Outcomes of the daily research can be found on a dedicated tumblr page.

Mini catalogue of the work:

The research led to the creation of a series of silent 1-2-1 tours of the market that took place on a sunny weekend in May 2011. The outcomes of the research and the feedback from the tours helped to create an e-guide which has been published on the Everytrail website. Everytrail is a web based resource which is available free of charge and can additionally be accessed using smart-phones. 
The e-guide not only highlights for the general public the wonders of the market but also serves as an alternative to the London Olympics 2012.

Commissioned by Open Empty Spaces

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