In Residence / The New Art Gallery Walsall 2009

The Weekend Supplement & Residency, Artists' Studio, The New Art Gallery in Walsall

curated by Helen Jones

Residency: 25 May - 30 Aug 2009

Final events: The Weekend Supplement 4-6 Dec 2009

I continued the art of conversation in the gallery in Walsall by sharing stories with visitors and staff over tea and home-Ania-made cake. As part of my residency, I created unique gallery tours which bypassed the exhibits and the architecture to highlight the long-standing memories which resonate throughout the building. The tours came to life during The Weekend Supplement event in December 2009.

Visit the residency blog.

Read the article about the residency on a-n Ania Bas: In residence

The residency has been completed with the publication The Weekend Supplement.

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