Special Offer, 2008 - 2009

Special Offer, London, UK 2008 & Limerick, Ireland 2009

SECOND SALE took place on 24th January 2009 at Bedford Row in Limerick as part of Excursions Performance Festival.

The event at Bedford Row would not have be possible without teachers: Gabriela Avram, Daniela Butan and Helena Zelesakova. Thank you!
See pictures from this event.
A big thank you to the Excursions Performance Festival Team: Sheila Deegan, Pippa Little, Joanne Beirne and Susan Holland.

FIRST SALE took place at
Petticoat Lane Market, London
This project was commissioned by The Street, a year-long series of artists’ commissions on and around Wentworth Street. Visit: Whitechapel Gallery

Special Offer is an exceptional platform for trading skills we all possess - our own language skills. The platform's aim was to create an alternative space in and around cities for people to meet & exchange language skills.

The platform was initially developed as part of Whitechapel Gallery, London live art commission for a market environment. Now the platform can be franchised and used in other locations and communities. The core rules for buyers and sellers can be found below. A PDF will be available shortly for people who would like to establish the Special Offer platform. If you want to make the Special Offer happen now, contact Ania at: aniabas{at}gmail{dot}com

The event at Wentworth street would not have been possible without artists/teachers: Blanca Garay, Swapna,
Sonia Pa├žo-Rocchia, Pablo Alegre, Olivier Pierrre & Dimitris Christopoulos

A big thank you to the Whitechapel Team: Natasha, Sarah and Zahira.

A great opportunity to teach somebody your language and earn extra money!
All languages welcome!

/ Come to SPECIAL OFFER event
/ Give as much time as you wish! Stay for 30 minutes or a couple of hours.
/ Sell your language to a stranger (client) who wants to learn it.
/ Negotiate a price with the client.
/ Teach your language at the market for an agreed period of time.
/ There is no commission. All money you earn you are going to take home.

A great opportunity to purchase new language skills for little money!
Learn a language from a native speaker for as little as one pound!

/ Come to SPECIAL OFFER event
/ See what languages we have on offer.
/ Negotiate a price with the teacher.
/ Learn your new language at the market for an agreed period of time.
/ Enjoy your new skills!

Become a fan of this project! Spread the word about it!
International School of Creative Learning from London is supporting Special Offer!

Grammar & Spell-check by Mullins of Europe. Thank you Mullins!


Anonymous said...

That is cool. But where is the connection with art?

Anonymous said...

One can see the connection if one can look...