Laundry Open Lab, 2008

Laundry Open Lab, Custard Factory Gallery, Birmingham, UK
Full details at Laundry; Also visit Intercultural Dialogue

Laboratories of cross-cultural practices: Start Talking
This project is structured around three creative laboratories - in Birmingham and the Black Country, in Poland with the Borderland Foundation and in Bulgaria with the New Culture Foundation.

Open Lab Presentations:

Saturday November 8th @ 5.30 pm
Interactive Installations: Gary Stewart, Iniva (the Institute of International Visual Arts)

Sunday November 9th @ 5 pm
Art is my Business: Ania Bas

Sunday November 9th @ 6 pm
Off the map - art in Nodar, Beirut, Alexandria: Alicja Rogalska

Sunday November 9th @ 7 pm
Crossing Borders: Brendan Jackson

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