Choosing – the daily task, 2008

Choosing – the daily task
Project commissioned by iNNoVaNDiS for Day of Entrepreneurs in San Sebastian

iNNoVaNDiS also used this method of working in April 2009. Results of DINÁMICA DE ANIA BAS (without Ania being present) can be seen here.

Ania Bas led workshops exploring how our choices determine what we do, who we are and where we go. This project was commissioned by iNNoVaNDiS as part of an entrepreneurial day organised by the University of Deusto on 18th November 2008 in San Sebastian with the collaboration of iNNoVaNDIS and Gaze.

During these sessions groups of students were able to live their potential futures and envisage where their choices could potentially take them.

People who took part said:

¡Mi primera dinámica! Una gran experiencia. ¡¡Se puede aprender divirtiéndose!
My first dynamic! A great experience! It is possible to learn and enjoy learning at the same time!

Tomar decisiones implica responsabilidad. Gracias. Beautiful!
Taking decisions implies responsibility. Thanks! Beautiful!

Ya se que voy a ser de “mayor”... GRRRRR.
Now I know what I will become in the future... GRRRRR

Tal y como demuestra el croquis ahora tengo más claro mi futuro... De hoy en adelante me esforzaré es conseguir mis metas. El mar de dudas en el que me encontraba se ha disipado. ¡Soy feliz!
As this scheme shows now my future is clearer. From now on I will put all my efforts into reaching my goals. The flood of doubts I had have now disappeared! Now I’m happy!

Supongo que tendremos que tomar estas decisiones dentro de poco...
I suppose that we will need to take these decisions very soon....

Espero que así sea. ¡Voy a trabajar para cumplirlo!
Let it be that way. I will work so hard to get it!

Estabilidad no es siempre opuesta a la creatividad, pasión e iniciativa. A veces desde la estabilidad es más posible reflexionar, ser creativo, tener vida social, hacer red, montar proyectos. Todo depende de las experiencias que uno tenga y de la actitud. En todo momento se puede re-comenzar, ser una persona creativa y tener pasiones.
Stability is not always opposite to creativity, passion and initiative. Sometimes from the stability it is possible to think, to be creative, to have social life, network and develop projects. It depends on your own experiences and your own attitude. You can always re-start being creative and passionate.

Pictures by Asun Ibañez

Big thank you to iNNoVaNDiS team for making it happen! Eskerrik Asko!

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