DIY 5 - Archive Y’self to Pieces, 2008

DIY 5 - Archive Y’self to Pieces, London

DIY 5 was a profesional development project for artists to become obsessively self-referential archivists of their own practice and outputs. The Project was devised and led by Richard Layzell.

I, along with Shakti (Laura Angelica Zapata Gomez) and Maggie Tran created a performance at Arnold Circus in London, using 3 chairs, 5 sheets of A4 paper, 3 pens and around 7 minutes. The performance was heavly documented by Annie Carpenter (pictures), Tim Jeeves (film), Martina von Holn (sound) and Mark Caffrey (text).

The work was revisited a week later in an outdoor space at the Cafe Gallery Project, South London. Here Ania created an installation using the strongest documentary medium in her opinion - the commentary by Martina von Holn

DIY 5 is a Live Art Development Agency initiative being developed in collaboration with Artsadmin, Colchester Arts Centre (East Anglia), Fierce Earth (West Midlands), Nuffield Theatre & LANWest (North West), Arnolfini & Theatre Bristol (South West), and New Work Network.

Pictures by: Annie Carpenter

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