Polish Artist at Your Workplace for £5,52 per hour, 2008

Polish Artist for £5,52 per hour, Liverpool, England
residency at The Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent at Home

During a 3 day long residency I spent the time looking for a job as an artist in both non-art and art venues. I offered to work for the minimum hourly rate of £5,52 per hour initially just for one week. I ecided that whatever I would create during this time would belong to the employer. I would keep only the rights to the documentation of the whole process.

Costs of having Ania in the work place for 5 working days/ 8 hours per day ONLY: £220,80
What is on offer? Check it out!

Approached venues included:
Lily Bizzare Fancy Dress Hire, News from Nowhere Radical & Community Bookshop, Liverpool F.C. store, Modo club, Primark Store, Post Office in Everton, HSBC Everton, JET Liverpool Atlantic, Lifestyles Everton Park, A Foundation, Tate Liverpool, FACT, Central Library Liverpool, the Bluecoat and International Slavery Museum.

Previous employers said:

“I couldn't believe an artist can be so USEFUL!”

“It was great to have somebody so creative around for so little pay!”

“The artist helped us channel negative behaviours and attitudes”

“Having the artist around was a better investment than a new air conditioning!”

Ania still awaits replies. Interested in having an artist in your workplace for £5,52 per hour? Get in touch! E-mail Ania at: aniabas{at}gmail{dot}com


hanadi said...

You never stop surprising me with your creativity.

Well done Ania and good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ania, If the council would give us the money, we'd love to have you here working as an artist at Willenhall Library. All the best. Jaspal