Szczecinianin, Ingredients: ... , 2008

Szczeciniani, Ingredients:..., Szczecin, Poland
(Szczecinianin, Skład: ...)

DISTRIBUTION / ACTION took place on 1st August 2008, 9 am, Rondo Giedroycia

Ania Bas continues her attempt to get to the bottom of what people are made of and for this project she concentrated on the inhabitants of Szczecin.
Ania, during one day talked, measured, counted & observed people at Rondo Giedroycia in Szczecin. Collected material has been used to create a series of labels for cans with Paprykarz Szczeciński (local speciality) and other canned meat listing the ingredients of the inhabitants of Szczecin. The cans were distributed around Szczecin (Niebuszewo district) and some of them sent around Poland.

This project was developed together with miejsce sztuki OFFicyna, Szczecin-based laboratory for art & social projects.

Documentation of the project by Marcin Bas.

5 minutes of fame! Information about this project appeared in a number of local media. Read the articles in Gazeta Wyborcza (article 1st August, article 2nd August) or watch the video interview at Moje Miasto.

Information about the project in Polish is available.

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