Look, Don't Look, 2008

Look, Don't Look, Compton Verney, Warwickshire

Visitors to James Coleman exhibition at Compton Verney were invited to take part in the photographic project and become, for 10 minutes, a photographer or photographed subject. The project was inspired by Coleman's work and his ongoing exploration of the physical and psychological encounter between spectator and projected image.

Ania Bas and Graham Peet together with visitors in a specially created studio environment attempted to capture images of subjects while they were preparing to be photographed. To replicate the preposterous notion of lifelessness in people the subjects taking part had to follow a set of rules such as not talking or looking at each other.

This project has been developed together with Graham Peet.

Picture by: Ania Bas & Graham Peet

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hanadi said...

Looking forward to see the photographs!!!

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Once more, I like your work!!!!

The people in the pictures are like lost souls searching for something or having thoughts beyond our comprehension.