Distance, 2008

Distance: A Simultaneous Performance- Sunday April 13-3-4 pm GMT


PROJECT: Participants from the Cambridge 2007 OUT OF THE BOX project plus 4 invited guest artists simultaneously created and documented performance/performative work between the hours of 15:00 - 16:00 GMT on Sunday April 13.

The documentation will be posted on a group page on the web.

DISCIPLINE/ FORMAT: Any discipline/media/form/format (s) you choose


1 an amount of space between two things or people
• the condition of being far off; remoteness
• a far-off point or place
• an interval of time
• figurative the avoidance of familiarity; aloofness or reserve
2 the full length of a race

1 make (someone or something) far off or remote in position or nature
• declare that one is not connected with or a supporter of (someone or something)
• Horse Racing beat (a horse) by a distance.

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