Leftovers (2), 2008

Leftovers (2), Cardiff, Wales

14th March - 8th June 2008, St David's 2 Cardiff city centre development

Seven doors were created as part of the project in Merthyr Tydfil (Artes Mundi outreach programme) and exhibited at St David's 2 Cardiff city centre development. I worked in Merthyr with a group of local artists at the early stages of their careers and together developed a joint body of work - Leftovers (1) that looks into changes within cities. During the project the group investigated a regeneration approach through a series of performances and 2D work and explored themes such as connection with a place, leftovers of the atmosphere of the place after regeneration and the place of the human being within it.

The doors although firmly attached to the hoardings and set in place and time at the development site in Cardiff create an entrance to the future and raises questions about the past.

The doors were created together with Dan Roberts. This part of the project would not be possible without an enormous help from Island 2000 and Glyn Roberts.

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