Xerox Fuck, 2007

Xerox Fuck, the Junction, Cambridge, UK

Work created during Conceptual Art Week-long Workshop at The Junction in Cambridge.
Xerox Fuck (performance and installation) was created together with Adam James.

The work has been exhibited at Red Wire Gallery in Liverpool as part of Red Wire Open 2007.

Daily Post Liverpool: One of the stand-out works is 'Xerox F--k' by Ania Bas and Adam James. This piece is a collage of overlapping photocopied body parts, with more images projected over it in green. The featured bodies appear almost trapped under water or in plastic. With squeezed-shut eyes, squashed flesh and string-like hair, their features are reduced to basic shapes and tones. An original and unusual form of bodily representation.

The work has been showed in Greece in July 2008 - Visual Routes Video & New Media Art, part of Olympolis Project 2008. (Part of 37th Olympus Festival.)

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