Made in Poland, 2005 - 2008

Made in Poland,
inspired by BLUE project, Coventry & Cowes, UK

During one day collaboration in 2005 Ania and Inga Lukoseviciute, were exploring 'blueness' of their locations. Each of them spent a day in the city (Ania in Coventry, UK and Inga in Kaunas, Lithuania), photographing blue moments and writing down blue thoughts. Created material was gathered together in blue booklet. See BLUE project for more information.

'Made in Poland' has its roots in BLUE project but does not concentrate on blue moments. It is an attempt to define 'Ania Bas', her multiple moods, reactions, faces. Ania is trying to get to the bottom of what 'she' is 'made of' and how the location of where she was 'made in' informs 'her'. Ania employs maths and linguistic play to find out.

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I like the idea of this work. The image is great.