Disonancias, 2007 - 2008

Disonancias (Dis-ania-lia/Lab-ania/ Ins-ania), Bilbao, the Basque Country

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I was one of the 9 artists and arts groups involved in the Disonancias project in 2007/2008. I undertook the R&D project with Labein Tecnalia exploring the Sustainable urban environment model.
The project was rapidly growing and included various initiatives: improvement of work space (Ania was testing a table on wheels), bringing in creative forces (Imagination Experts day - 19 children visited Labein), creative use of existing resources for communication (doodling during lunch break in the restaurant) and looking for new ways of communication (the second CUTRE FILM already released)

Ania and Labein team have a joint blog.

A large article about the project (in Spanish) can be found at Maria Ptqk's blog.

Part of the film by Víctor Iriarte

DISONANCIAS is a platform that liaises and promotes relationships between artists and companies, research centres or public organisations in order to foster innovation in all its aspects and to transmit to society the importance of developing creative environments.

Picture by: Iñigo Ibáñez


borjiz said...

A very interesting project Ania; partners at your right and left in the picture look enthusiastic and committed. How do you manage to sustain motivation in the people who work with you?

ania bas said...

how do i manage? I constantly bribe them both with high quality finest coffee :D