Poles Simply Work Harder, 2007 - 2008

Poles Simply Work Harder, UK

Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, The Sun - all tabloids have been writing about them, them = Poles. Ania and Alicja Rogalska are both Polish and decided to have a closer look into how their nation has been presented by tabloids. The quotes from the press have been transferred onto prints and badges to shout out the tabloids' truth even louder. Although gathered text is Polish nation specific the work reflects on more general issue: being foreign in UK - ranging from: being watched, accused of, scared of to being needed, relied on, loved. The daily press keeps writing about Poles, Ania and Alicja’s collection of quotes grows every day...

Poles Simply Work Harder was presented as part of Heroes& Zeros, Twins&Nuns event organised by Laundry in March 2007.

Part of the PSWH collection was exhibited in Havant Arts Centre as part of READ ME exhibition in May 2008.

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